I have a lot of places to see in Vienna this time

I have a lot of places to see in Vienna this time. I’ve found Kraus’s houses in Elisabeth Strasse by Wegensteins, Lothringerstrasse behind Karlskirche, and his Central Cemetery grave. Also found The Night Porter hotel in Linke Wienzeile! Go to the Justice Palace too. Butterfly House. Oh and finally Hitler’s place in Felberstrasse 22. A lot to do this time! Try to force myself to do it! I cannot wait to get there.
Try to drink early, go out on a tour of the kinos, peep show, Cafe Westend, back to hotel to sleep. Wake 9ish to go out again just for the Gurtel night bars! I cannot cannot wait. I don’t think I have ever looked forward to a trip to Europe like this.


Wake 130pm exhausted after an incredible Dr Who dream

Wake 130pm exhausted after an incredible Dr Who dream. He is being chased through the episode by ever increasing number of police and MI5 God knows who, determined to stop him, but he is being driven on, being dragged by the nose by little clues to inevitable inexorable final meeting, where? Cornered in London, by the river, dead end, finished, phone in his pocket rings and black woman tells him to go to church in FR4, Falkirk, he races away from river, then sees leaflet in my hand for cheap Virgin flight, we race for station to get last train to airport or to Scotland and sit in dining car just before it leaves. What is in Scotland? In my dream no idea, but it was final revelation awaiting, his destiny. I think maybe his bride waiting at altar in white, maybe for me it is — waiting for me. Extraordinary dream. Portentous.
Someone in the UK has just looked at 69 pages of Diary of Samuel Peeps, and someone in Italy 33 pages of The Stripper.
Oh I have got to f**k some whores in Vienna this time, 100 euros or not, skinny or not.
Still need to go to the Brocken in Germany one day, the Seegrotte in Vienna, the coastal town for Delvaux in Belgium. God just five more — nights to get through before I am off to Vienna!
Just this week I have already earned 768 euros. In one week I have covered my entire five-day Vienna expense, hotel flight and sex included! In the first 19 days of October I have just had two days when I could go out and spend any money and drink! This is what I need to do every month. Work every single day and then treat myself to a trip to Europe in the last week. Counting back 12 months from now I have earned £27,190 in this “year”. Not bad! Got the freedom and new golden age that I dreamed of on January 5th 2010. I had to wait four years for it, but I have it now. Vienna this month, next month perhaps Vienna again or Berlin/Brocken. What is there to do in Berlin during the day? Nothing open until 9pm. Oh yes! Kurfurstenstrasse! Watching the street girls. Christ I can’t wait for Vienna. FIVE WHOLE DAYS in Vienna, WSK/Fortuna/Westend. Gurtel.



“God I wish I could see you. You’re the only guy in or out of Europe I can say as much for (or against) but I certainly would like to see you”

“God I wish I could see you. You’re the only guy in or out of Europe I can say as much for (or against) but I certainly would like to see you.”
This strange message on — yesterday, the only time she has put a message in inverted commas, I wonder if it is a message to me after reading The Stripper. Thank God I got through my third & last day at –. That is 492 euros I earned there. I went to Bonaparte’s on the way home, for one, but everyone in big coats & hats, so pointless, except big brunette in black leggings & grey sweater, massive. I was thinking why I never came here before? Why I never came in Summer. It is loo late now!
Seeing a lot of — types on way home, in station, then through window of carriage about to get on there was a — face as well, and sitting down alongside her, sure enough she & her mother were talking Italian to each other. Proper Italian beauty, sharp-honed, black-haired, beautiful, sexy. Off Blackheath. I must go to Italy.
How sweet and lovely that last Saturday night with –, as I saw her coming running & skipping around the corner of Pentonville Road like the old days, so excited to go with me to eat.


Possibility of a-punting-we-will-go after work Wednesday?? Start with 76/205 to Scotsman in case — or — are there

Possibility of a-punting-we-will-go after work Wednesday?? Start with 76/205 to Scotsman in case — or — are there. Then to Soho on 38 for………..Greek Mariana, Kate, Spanish Maria? Sasha? Finish in Bonaparte’s. I think I would prefer to start in Bonaparte’s! Forget Scotsman. Actually prefer just to come home from work.
On walk home down rainy station approach, most beautiful arse ever in front of me. Pretty looking brunette, black & white tight short leather coat, but then purple trousers over most gorgeous sexy fat arse, and amazing sexy wiggling walk. Could not take my eyes off of that arse. I will never forget her, wanted to — her so much.
Got little erections many times standing in — thinking about the girls I was seeing. Oh but Wednesday is Erotica in the Shadow of Death night. I feel I should go out and celebrate this Feast Day. Make something happen. Looking at some Vevrier pictures makes me want to do something, with Sasha or Kate or Mariana or Spanish Maria or all of them. But don’t waste time with Scotsman. Straight to Bonaparte’s then see if I want to get bus up road or not.
You know what I can do, 76 to Charing Cross, straight to internet cafe first of all to check for names, then to Bonaparte’s, then see what next if anything.


An incredible Sunday. Got the 954 and riding on bus up Charing X Road saw walking down the road the most extraordinary blonde in grey cardigan

An incredible Sunday. Got the 954 and riding on bus up Charing X Road saw walking down the road the most extraordinary blonde in grey cardigan, grey vest, pale blue washed out jeans, but that grey vest over most massive massive huge big soft boobs. My f**king God. One of the all time great street sights.
Had two in the Angel watching more beautiful girls going to & fro and I knew I was on it, I knew yes I wanted it today. Now felt ready for Soho. Then went in barbers and there was little beauty smiling up at me, “Take a seat!” and I got her again! Wonderful, sexy. Sweet, simpatico.
High now to Scotsman, to see new girl — was really quite sexy, and — on later! What a fantastic day it was turning into. Sadly not enough customers to see much dancing. Back to Soho to spend £40 with Polish Kate and £20 with Sasha,. Enjoyed both, big girls, but of course could feel absolutely nothing, no point at all them bouncing up & down on my cock as I felt nothing nothing nothing.
Then had half in Bonaparte’s in Charing X Station and realised THIS is where I should be drinking. Wonderful views across the whole station, I will be back. Earlier I had popped in and most beautiful blonde was behind the counter.
£120 spent in the day but absolutely worth it. Wonderful day for 120 then I come to — and make 130 in one day to completely cover it!

Bars, cabarets and brothels. The point of life

Bars, cabarets and brothels. The point of life.
Funny being under the TP glass roof again as this is where the thing with — first blew up, as I was planning that first return visit to Vienna. How hard I have made them work all year! all for nought.
To the £224 I have made these two nights I will add another £1,044 before I leave for Vienna. Think I can afford 100 euro Lilly then. This year I have had the freedom I thought I would get on January 6th 2010. It was four years delayed, and started in January with Vienna x3, Brussels x2, Berlin, Munich, and soon Vienna again.


I love to go to some cheap low sleazy night bar or strip bar or tingel-tangel and find the most incredible sexy beauty so much better than her surroundings

I love to go to some cheap, low, sleazy night bar or strip bar or tingel-tangel, and find the most incredible sexy beauty, so much better than her surroundings. What is such a diamond doing amidst such sleaze? That is what I live for, finding these diamonds, like a pig searching for truffles. In Brussels, Berlin, Vienna and Munich. Even in Soho in the last six months I have found the most extraordinary beauties: Roxy, Zara, Spanish Maria, Italian Maria, Colombian Lavinia, Greek Mariana.
In fact I would say in my experience the more low quality the place the more high quality the girls you will meet, real natural sexy beauties. Not stuck up fake skinny plastic-titted bitches, but real warm curvy sexy girls. That is what makes me think if only I had been able to search those smaller places in Munich I might yet have found some real erotic excitement (at a price). The more ‘high quality’ the place the more you know you will not find anything genuinely sexy or sexual. They are found in the smaller places, the lower dives.