That last two-hour stopover in Brussels straightaway restored my faith in travel. Why no desire for anything in Vienna?

That last two-hour stopover in Brussels straightaway restored my faith in travel. Why no desire for anything in Vienna? SORENESS of my arse depressed me a bit. And no one I fancied in Fortuna, WSK, Manhattan or Tete, or Burggasse. None of the stars from previous visits. Kabins were rubbish, the films mediocre. So Vienna is not such a great place after all, and has slipped back from No.1. By default Brussels resumes No.1 spot. Enjoyed drinking in Ibis again, really did, so nostalgic to be back there. The L’Orient Express is a great alternative before walking to Le Coin, and the chicken & chips next door is great for late food. Some real busty girls at Le Coin I will have to try sooner or later. And I can always make BRIEF visits to Cine Paris and ONE DRINK in 5th Avenue but expect nothing from neither. Always Gare du Nord to check out and the street. Mainly though just to drink and eat two hours from home. Berlin can wait until my finances improve a bit.
What did I learn from this trip? Vienna is over for me for a long while. I had no desire to go to any of the night places, Angelique, Manhattan or Tete, even before I went there and for sure no desire at all to do anything when I got there. So no point going to these places. I hate coming home and having a journey to even get to the station. I LOVE staying in the Dorint just across the road from the station, and how I LOVED staying in the Ibis just across the road from the station. It means I can stay in my hotel until the last possible moment. This makes the homeward journey so much happier for me. I learned I CAN just hang around Gare du Midi for hours just drinking & eating, how happy I felt in Ibis bar and did not want to leave, how happy I felt in L’Orient Express, how much I enjoyed the chicken & chips. Visits to 5th, Cine Paris and Coin can be merest brief in & outs, expect nothing of them because they are not what I am going to Brussels for. The pleasure I have really discovered is in the drinking and the eating and the sleeping. Newspaper reading will come back to me and people watching. Especially this comes true now summer is arriving and the sexy girls are back in the streets barely clothed!
Can I adopt this frame of mind for Berlin too? Spend all time in Berlin Plaza bar, just brief visit to Stutti and Rosa Lux and BEC? Perhaps. But that is for end of summer.
I look forward to getting back to Brussels now! Look forward to those ham & egg rolls in Gare du Midi. Look forward to buying my Guardian in the station. Look forward to drinking in the Ibis bar (they have a drinks machine I now see, so I CAN get cold drinks during the night). Love drinking in the Orient Express. A short stroll to Coin would be lovely. A lovely chicken & chips on way back. 5th, Cine Paris, street, and Gare du Nord mere brief afterthoughts at end of day. I will do my WRITING in the Ibis.
Actually my sexiest visit to Cine Paris was that midday visit as the doors opened wasn’t it! That is the secret, before the pervs settle. How sexy looking at the Gare du Nord windows girls really is.

Today’s going to be 25ºC but then it drops down to 14 again and the whole of Europe seems to be the same

Today’s going to be 25ºC but then it drops down to 14 again and the whole of Europe seems to be the same. The weather in Vienna is going to be 14 for all four days, and should be raining 100% when I arrive 6pm Friday! How lovely if it is. After that sunny but cool so I will need my coat after all. Christ this time tomorrow I will be getting ready to head to St Pancras. Lovely, I managed to print my DB tickets here. Saved wasting time and money going in to internet cafe at Charing Cross. TOP UP OYSTER! PAY NATIONWIDE! Get Gaviscons!

Maybe go for a short visit to Berlin in May (Vienna is Eurovision) just to dip my toe back into Stuttgarter Platz to see if there is still life there or not

Maybe go for a short visit to Berlin in May (Vienna is Eurovision), just to dip my toe back into Stuttgarter Platz to see if there is still life there or not. Though the travelling there is more expensive than the staying. I always love wasting time in the Berlin Plaza, I am never bored there. Give King George and Caligula one more try, that is all really. The great Rosa Lux kabins of course.
Anyway this time go to Dome AFTER everything else; Dome is now for NIGHTCAPS only, and getting ready for end of day steak ONLY. Then 0625 next morning I am on ICE to Munich! So excited. This is why travel is always worth it. This is why the £17,000 debt is absolutely worth it. Should be in the Westbahnhof Hotel (sure I will go to the Dorint out of habit) by 6pm Friday. Few drinks in the Dorint I suppose, then up to WSK until closing then walk back via Angelique to Manhattan to finish the night. Saturday, Sunday and Monday I then have ALL DAY to venture out to Fortuna, ML Revue, back to WSK and early Burggasse. Save Cafe Westend for quiet Sunday and Monday! So excited.
Arriving in Brussels and rushing straight up to 5th or Le Coin makes me realise the pleasure of staying for a few days so I can leisurely stay around the Ibis (if I can afford it), but would I be able to relax? Don’t think so, thinking too much about Le Coin and 5th. Lovely staying in Ibis though for the Eurostar home every time.
My mission for this trip is to DRINK LESS and see if I enjoy the naughty places more.
These boring four days off at home every time are very useful for concentrating on cutting my books, and clearing my room. Vital tasks. Allow myself one Friday or Saturday night a week in –.

Feel a bit lost now. Two solid days in the house (12th April 2015)

Feel a bit lost now. Two solid days in the house. Nowhere to go tomorrow but have to go out to get my DB tickets printed, and have a beer I suppose in Moggs.
Just three days until I travel! A long long train trip to Vienna and back.
0245 really feel so irritated and sick of myself, frustrated, dissatisfied with everything, sick of my websites, my writing, everything. Sick of travelling, drinking. My head exploding with frustration. Too long in the house?
Head feels like it is going to explode with dissatisfaction and frustration, debts, no money, no saving. Just looking at the Ladies Day Aintree pictures restores my spirit. Nothing better than pure Priapism, pure worship of the penis. Cut down the drinking in Brussels and Vienna to enjoy this more.
I only really live when I am away. In between times is for clearing my room. Really if I had to leave here forever tomorrow I think I would just leave EVERYTHING. All my books, magazines, newspaper diaries, tapes, videos, DVDs, everything. I would just take my computer and my diaries and just start my life from a clean slate.
It is actually encouraging that I have happily spent two days in the house with no desire to go out drinking or anything. Perhaps I will always be like this on my days off now. No point going to Scotsman and that was only place I wanted to go; no desire at all for Soho models. So perhaps I can really cut down my expenditure by staying home on my days off. Save it all for Vienna, and Brussels; still no desire to go to Berlin again, but surely my nostalgia for Sissi Bar and Monte Carlo will make me go back this summer.
The first TEN paragraphs of Cold Icy Air are what my writing has to be about. Written in blood, crying tears of loneliness and pain, writing those words just to be able to survive for another minute. Compress all my books into just these words. The American Girl visit to Brussels came out perfect, nothing needs to be added or taken away, the whole Lotta stuff is absolutely perfect as it is.

Just noticed the seven year eras in my life

Just noticed the seven year eras in my life, 1992 first went to Sunset Strip and saw a naked woman for the first time and started my lifetime of strip clubs, porn cinemas and whores; 1999 went to Europe for first time and began a lifetime of travelling to Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Brussels; 2006 fell in love with –; 2013 split from — and resumed a new golden age of travelling. Incredible paradigm shifts all seven years apart. Roll on 2020!